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Hey guys! I am Dr.T. I am an Obstetrician and Gynecologist by profession with a specialization in Reproductive Medicine. I completed my Obstetrics and Gynaecology degree from one of the oldest and the prestigious medical college in India. I also have done a certified fellowship in Reproductive Medicine. 

The idea of blogging has been in my thoughts for a few years now and suddenly one day, I was like, "Okay! why not try this blogging thing once?" and now, TADA! here I am......

This is not like any official medical website talking all about the scientific papers and the percentages and numbers. This is just to give you an insights about the conditions related to infertility, problems with pregnancy, delivery, new parenthood and so on.

As far as medical field is concerned, treatment is never done by "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" formula. This blog is never meant for treating you in general as a patient. Here I will try my best to simplify the problems and give you some information about your condition, so that you don't feel blindfolded when go for a specific treatment for your condition. Also we physicians feel personal visits and customised treatments are by far the best proven methods to treat a patients. so never try to cure yourself on your own with any superficial knowledge. 

  Trust me, you will have a good time learning new things here. Let’s make our life beautiful. Its time to  sparc n shine.

lets begin…….

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