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What are the main reasons for male infertility

Updated: May 24, 2023

  • Common cause of male infertility is a poor quality semen.

  • Semen is analyzed for various parameters like the sperm count, motile sperm count and normal sperm count.

  • The WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION [WHO] has given us definitive criteria to do a proper semen analysis.

  • Sperm count is considered normal if the sperm number is anywhere above 15 million per ml of semen.

  • Sperm motility is considered normal if the forward moving sperms together are above 40% of the total number of sperms.

  • Also the sperm should look normal when stained and seen under a microscope.

  • A minimum of 4% normal looking sperms is required for the morphology to be considered normal

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