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Top 100 facts about fertility - PART 1

  1. Sex of the baby is determined at the time of fertilisation.

  2. Reproductive organs in females develop in third month of fetal life

  3. Reproductive organs in males also develop in third month of fetal life

  4. All embryos are designed to grow as females by default.

  5. Male baby can secrete the male hormone testosterone by 8 weeks of fetal life

  6. Presence of male hormone differentiates the growth of males from females

  7. Kidneys, ureters and bladder and the reproductive organs grow hand in hand

  8. Uterus develops as two tubes and fuse together later

  9. A part of vagina develops separately and fuses with the uterus later

  10. There is a septum inside the uterus initially which disappears later

  11. In male fetus, testis forms inside abdomen and descends down to the outside

  12. In less than 1% of the newborns testis fails to descend permanently

  13. At fifth month of fetal life, ovaries have 7 million eggs in them

  14. At birth, ovaries have 600,000 to 800,000 eggs in them

  15. Puberty is the period during which our body becomes ready to make babies

  16. Puberty begins at the of 8 1/2 to 12 years in girls and lasts upto 4 years

  17. Breast growth is the first change of puberty usually

  18. Hair starts to develop in armpits and private parts

  19. Growth spurt happens next usually

  20. body shape of girls changes with bigger hips and thighs

  21. Menses begins 2 years after the beginning of breast growth

  22. Menarche is the onset of menstruation in girls

  23. Girls usually grow to their adult height within 16 years

  24. At puberty, ovaries have 40,000 eggs in them

  25. Lesser than 500 oocytes are ovulated in our life time

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